The Team!

The Team

Billie, Renee (Owner) & Emma

Mission Statement

Providing a quality service through constant education to provide long lasting benefits that improve the skin and boost self confidence.


The Philosophy And Goals Of Our Business.

Our goal is to be the best beauty and skin clinic in Picton and surrounding areas, to educate and provide the best possible skin care treatments and build a repeat and loyal client base who gain a sense peace and warmth to escape the stress and rush of everyday life.

Clients have many choices about where to spend their money, and we must create an experience for them that sets us apart from the ordinary.
Our clients do not come to us to purchase a facial, massage or make-up service, they come to us to acquire a great image that affects both how they see themselves and how others see them. They come to us so that when they leave they have confidence in their appearance. They come to us to receive an hour or two of total attention from a dedicated professional. they come to us for time out from their busy lives.


 I can assure you that I will always strive

  • To provide an enjoyable and professional environment for team members and clients.
  • To remunerate and reward team members in accordance with results.
  • To build a loyal clientele based on consistent service and value.
  • To build and nurture a loyal team by recognition, consultation and continued training.
  • To achieve realistic profit results.
  • to continue to grow and improve.